“You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to start giving back to society and benefiting from the marketing and branding boons a good corporate social responsibility strategy can provide.”— Forbes

Reset your marketing.

Today, nearly all consumers agree that it’s important to them that a company acts morally and ethically. The key is creating an authentic plan that aligns the program with your products or services and the core mission of your company.


How can we help you become a do good-er?

First, we present you with a high-level philanthropic Strategy, then we dive into Creative that is distinctive, but simpatico with your brand. Next, we formulate a Digital Action Plan that will get major exposure. Once we help you articulate your philanthropic goals and create the language and look and feel of your new pro-bono brand campaign, you can take it from there. Or we can implement your campaign on an ongoing monthly basis, monitor the results, and expand on the creative and platforms as needed. See our packages below:

PLAN A: Let’s Get This Party Started

Strategy: We‘ll collaborate with you on finding a relevant non-profit partnership based on your company’s products or services, and craft a clear, Strategic Marketing Plan.

Creative: We’ll develop your program’s name, logo, tagline, web page, and creative content for your social media and/or digital Nonprofit Brand Campaign.

Digital Action Plan: We’ll provide a detailed Digital Storytelling Plan, and a 90-day Social Media Editorial Calendar for you to take inhouse and guide you through your launch.

PLAN B: The Ready, Set, Go

Strategy: A more in-depth Competitive Analysis, Social Media Audit and Exploration of programs, platforms and tactics.

Creative: A robust presentation that includes a wide range of Conceptual and Strategic Directions, including video.

Digital Action Plan: A comprehensive Campaign Blueprint and 12-month Social Media Calendar with topics and platforms mapped out for the year.

PLAN C: The Whole Enchilada
PLAN A or B + $2,000 min. monthly fee to run your digital marketing program

We’ll be your in-house do-gooders! Partnering with you, we’ll continue to strategize how to approach social responsibility within the context of your brand, and build on your campaign each month. Whether it be posting content, creating an email journey or newsletter, blogging, developing a targeted display ad campaign, producing videos, or incorporating SEM to generate traffic to your new landing page, we will implement, analyze and optimize. Together, we will benefit your cause while methodically expanding loyalty to your brand.

And did we say, you’ll love working with us?